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Digital Leadership Portfolio

My digital portfolio has come a long way since it’s inception in 2015. When I was running my record label in Kenya, it was simply a beat store with a link to my contacts and the few beats that I had made at the time. Over the years, it slowly developed into a showcase of some of my best work as a music producer and the managing director of my record label which showcased a portion of my most revered work as a music producer. This ranges from the music, to the music videos, and the music quotation which has gone through many revisions to its terms over the years. As I started my Entertainment Business masters, I was already very content with the digital portfolio design and ease of use so the changes throughout the program have been very minimal, mostly revolving around minor optimizations. This is what remains the case this month for the most part.

The feedback I have received from my professors has been stellar and I am yet to receive one negative comment regarding my digital portfolio since the commencement of my Master’s degree. My future plans for my digital portfolio will be a page solely dedicated to the artist roster that will showcase their music, upcoming tour dates, endorsement deals, plus much more. This will be followed by a section of the website that will allow artists looking to purchase one of our contracts to view our terms, conditions and pricing along with being able to book a one-on-one meeting with a representative of the organization or even a studio session. One of my objectives with the digital portfolio is to keep it as simple and intuitive as possible, which speaks to the one-page design, in which the vast majority of the content within the portfolio is found within the homepage, with there only being one other page availed from the tab menu designated for shopping.


Digital Content Plan​
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